Dolomite calcining equipment

Dolomite calcining equipment

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Magnesium Oxide Production 
Dolomite in a rotary kiln under certain temperature conditions is calcinated, then through a professional milling equipment (such as Raymond Mill, Ultra-Fine Mill), and then by digestion, cleaning, purification and compression of the kiln gas, carbonation, filtration, pyrolysis, separation, drying, calcination, grading and packaging system to obtain inindustrial magnesia, high purity magnesium oxide, active magnesium oxide, magnesium oxide series. Waste generated by the filtering process is calcium carbonate including magnesium, and after further processing, can preparation of ultrafine precipitated calcium carbonate products. During the production process, the preparation of intermediate products are the basic magnesium carbonate, then through drying, grinding, and packaging can be obtained light magnesium carbonate products.

Dolomite Rotary Kiln
Utilizing Jiangsu Zhongbo Rotary Kiln to calcine dolomite has the advantages of large capacity, high degree of mechanization and simple maintenance operations, high calcined white activity, low burning reduction and whatever the structure of dolomite , the rotary kiln requires smller dolomite granularity.

Materials with the rotation of the kiln, fully roll, which strengthens the radiation heat transfer process, and separate kiln preheating, calcining and cooling . Configuration of vertical preheater is ultilizing kiln tail exhaust heat to preheat and partially decomposed , which improve the thermal efficiency, reduce energy consumption. As long as process conditions are well controlled, the material can be uniform heating, fully calcined, and calcination temperature is also easy to control. Compared with the vertical kiln, the raw material utilization is its twice as high as 90%. Practice has proved that the rotary kiln to produce can get high calcined white active, the extraction rate of the magnesium and silicon utilization is higher.

Magnesium Production line
The magnesium metal production line equipment: jaw crusher, fine crusher, rotary kiln, cooler, ball mill, coal mill, spiral grader. Select the metal magnesium should adopt flotation and magnetic separation combining methods of production, thus further control of impurities in magnesium. The production line can also be used in the production of phosphorus chemical production.
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