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Type: Manufacturer
Employees: 51-100
Area served: Worldwide
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Dongil R&C Co., Ltd. Was established in July, 1995. The company has been specialized in the design and development processes of rubber fender and other rubber products.
Since then, our company has studied, developed and manufactured general industrial products together with other rubber products for construction and civil engineering among various fields. We strongly believe that it is our duty to make a contribution to the development of rubber products. With accumulated knowledge and technologies, we focus on the execution of various projects. We are trying our best to provide our customers with the best quality products and services.

2012.12 Designated for development project under purchasing condition (Navy Murena skirt development project)
2012.07 Joined as a member of Korea International Trade Association Submitted patent application for concrete sleeper anti-vibration pad
2012.05 Submitted patent application for pile driver cushion
2011.12 Industrial-academic collaboration (Dong-A University)
2010.03 Expanded material production plant
2009.10 Received clean workplace certificate
2009.08 Received oil fence model approval certificate
2009.05 Received INNOBIZ certification
2009.02 Obtained patent for double webbed oil fence Certified exclusive R&D department
2008.06 Merged Seojin Industry
2008.05 Obtained utility model for rubber packing
2005.05 Obtained KS and ISO certifications
2004.07 Expanded tank seal and rubber hose production plant
2003.11 Separated as Dongil R&C (separate corporation)
2003.07 Expanded factory for thermal and nuclear power plant
2003.03 Relocated to Yangsan Eogok Industrial Complex
2001.05 Established railway and bridge business division
1999.04 Technical affiliation with Mont, Japan (rubber packing)
1997.10 Expanded rubber fender production plant
1995.07 Founded Seojin Industry

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July 15, 2016


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