Double Partition Reynolds Pad

Double Partition Reynolds Pad

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Double partition Reno mattress composed of mesh that woven from galvanized wire or galvanized & PVC coating wire that twisted by heavy machine into honeycomb style, then through cutting, mesh reinforcement, connected, assemble into square box, tie a division to enhance every meter chamber area, the height is far less than the length and width,Fit into stone as material to make it entirety, is mainly used for water scour prevention structure of embankment, bank slope,Hyman, can prevent the Banks of the river water, the wind and waves hit and damage, and achieved the natural convection exchange between water and the soil under the slope function, achieve the ecological balance, on the slope planting green can add landscape and greening effect.
Reno mattress in the channel application advantages:
(1) environmental protection, natural material, environment, plants can grow in them, and meet the requirements;
(2) integrity, the structure is not easy to break;
(3) flexible, able to adapt to the foundation deformation without damage;
(4) the durability, gabion mesh using zinc coating and PVC coating wire, long service life.
(5) water permeability, internal structure can be waterproof, does not need special drainage facilities;
(6) to improve the Banks predetermined value of roughness coefficient (m);
(7) low cost, less material, construction is convenient.

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