Dry Ball Mill

Dry Ball Mill

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Dry ball mill is mainly designed for dry areas or some jealous water process ( such as cement, asbestos factory production process or some dry beneficiation process ), but also widely used in refractory materials, chemical raw materials, phosphate and other raw materials or other raw materials or finished grinding and ore grinding before concentrator beneficiate nonferrous metal. It has the advantages of samll powder particle size , high work efficiency, and reduce unit energy consumption at the same time, production has also been greatly improved. And because the Jiangsu Zhonbo produced dry ball mill adopts a unique design style, the wear resistance has been significantly improved.

Dry ball mill structure features:

Ball mill mainly consists of the following parts:

1.feed screw for feeding.
2.the cylindrical part, cylinder open into the hole, for the maintenance and replacement of the cylinder liner.
3.discharging part, for the ball mill discharging qualified products 
4.the main bearing parts.
5.the transmission part.
According to process needs, the mill is divided into levorotatory and dextrorotation, and the delivery should be based on the order contract.

Classification according to the mill medium shape 
(1)Ball Mill 
Inside the mill, grinding medium is mainly steel balls or steel segment. This kind of mill is the most commonly used.

(2)Rod Mill 
The grinding medium of this kind is steel bar with diameter of 50 - 100mm. Rod mill length and diameter ratio is generally 1.5 - 2

(3)Great ball mill 
The mill baseball mill typically has a 2-4 warehouses, in the first bin mounted within the cylindrical steel bar as a grinding medium, later each bin is a steel ball or steel segment. Ball mill slenderness ratio should be about 5, rod mill and warehouse length effective diameter ratio should be in between 1.2 and 1.5, and the rod length is about 100mm shorter than great storehouse , so that to make sure that the steel bars are arranged in parallel, also to prevent cross and random rod.

(4)Gravel grinding mill
The grinding medium are gravel, pebbles, porcelain ball, using granite, ceramic material as liner.It is mainly fit for white or colored cement and ceramic production.
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