DSH-V High-power Multi-purpose Electromagnetic Survey System

DSH-V High-power Multi-purpose Electromagnetic Survey System

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Main Function:
Exploration of geothermal resources and groundwater resources, petroleum and natural gas resources
Exploration of air defense projects , coal goaf, and karst development zone
Environmental pollution monitoring and detection
Used for Active fault survey, and crust and earthquake research
Exploration of deep metallic and non-metallic mineral resources
Exploration of roadbed and tunnel of highways and railways;

Main Advantages:
High-power time-domain induced polarization method (TDIP)
High-power frequency-domain induced polarization method (FDIP)
Controlled source audio magnetotelluric method (CSAMT)
Audio magnetotelluric method (AMT)
Complex resistivity method (CR)
High-power spectral induced polarization method (SIP)

System Components:
DSH-P30 high-power supply, DSH-T30 high-power electromagnetic transmitter, DSH-R5 array electromagnetic receiver, magnetic sensor, processing software, and related accessories.

*DSH-30T High-power Electromagnetic Transmitter
Features and Functions
High-precision GPS oven-controlled crystal synchronization technologies: no time drift accumulation, achieving all-weather precise and synchronized power supply;
Single-frequency and multi-frequency power supply: multi-parameter measurement, improving work efficiency;
Fully automatic frequency sweep power supply: automatic switching of power supply as per operating frequency setting, without human intervention;
Multi-function transmitting: meeting high-power transmitting requirements of CSAMT, TDIP, FDIP, SIP, and CR;
CPLD based control technology: supporting upgrade of software and hardware.

Main Specifications
Frequency range: 8000Hz ~ 1/128Hz
Protection functions: overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, short circuit
High density frequency: 20- frequency points for each frequency magnitude
Power waveform: multi-frequency, single-frequency
Maximum voltage: 1000V
Maximum current: 30A
Maximum power: 30kW
Operating modes: automatic or manual
Power source: Diesel generator sets
Synchronization accuracy: UTC ± 20nS

*DSH-R5 Array Electromagnetic Receiver
Features and Functions
Multi-parameter measurement: able for measurement in methods such as AMT, CSAMT, TDIP, FDIP, SIP, and CR;
Array observations: able for independent operation of single set, and array type wireless networking operation of several sets;
Automatic measurement: able for automatic measurement through all methods, thus to reduce manual operating strength, and improve work efficiency;
Synchronization technology: high-precision GPS oven-controlled crystal synchronization technologies, and no time drift accumulation, thus to achieve all-weather precise and synchronized measurement;
Dual ADC: one high-speed and one low speed true 24-bit ADC respectively for each channel
FPGA based technology: supporting online upgrade of software and hardware.

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