DSHA-1 Fast Alpha Digital Flicker Radioactive Detector

DSHA-1 Fast Alpha Digital Flicker Radioactive Detector

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DSHA-1 Fast Alpha Digital Flicker Radioactive Detector is used to determine the concealed geological structures like fault, fissure and fracture zones by measuring alpha ray intensity of soil samples or alpha card, also determine underground structure containing water, formation of oil and gas etc..The instrument is also applied to engineering geological prospecting, deep uranium ore exploration, regional radon gas monitoring (environmental monitoring) and track original gold veins.

Main Functions:
1:Small volume, light weight, reliable measured data and good stability;
2:High prospecting efficiency and strong anti-jamming;
3:Save measured data and introduce to PC through RS-232 interface, then you can use software in equipment to protract curves or isograms.
4:SCM control, strong functions, flexible and convenient operation, low power consumption;
5:Large LCD can show you observed curves clearly;

Main Technical Parameters:
Detector: 60mm, ZnS (Ag) flickering body
Background counting: less than 1 count/min
Efficiency: more than 60%
Stability: its average relative error is -15%~+15% as continuously working for 8 hours
Store 100,000 data with power off protection function
Interface: RS-232 standard serial port, communicate with PC, software is worked under Windows 98
Working temperature:-10C~+50C, relative humidity 85%
Power consumption: less than 0.5W

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