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DSHA Model Minim Uranium Analyzer

DSHA Model Minim Uranium Analyzer

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DSHA Model Minim Uranium Analyzer (the substitution product of laser uranium analyzer)

The uranium measurement in geological survey, nuclear fuel industrial department, environment protection, industrial sanitation, food inspection and sanitation antiepidemic station.

Main Function:
1. With High accuracy, low detection limit, fast measurement speed, simple operation, little sampling quantity. Configure RS232 port to connect with computer
2. Apply advanced imported light source, long life, at least can analyze 80 thousand (standard method) uranium samples.

Technical Parameters:
1. Measurement objects:
a. Direct measure liquid samples
b. For solid samples, you should first transform it to water solution and then dilution without separation and enrichment, then you can measure quickly.
2. Detection low limit: when define with 3 times of standard deviation, 0.03*10-9g/mL
3. Measurement accuracy: when Ur concentration is 2*10-9g/mL, ±8%
when Ur concentration is 2~2*10-9g/mL, ±5%
4. Span range: 0.03×10-9g/ml~20×10-9g/ml. If you change sensitivity, then it can expand to 10-6 g/ml rank.
5. Measurement linearity: relative coefficient 0.995
6. Stability: adjust the sensitivity to let the sample with Ur concentration 2*10-9g/ml read about 950, maximum deviation of 7 measurements within 3h ±8%.

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