DSHD-3022 Microcomputer Four Channel Y Spectrometer

DSHD-3022 Microcomputer Four Channel Y Spectrometer

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1.Having 4 channels to be counted at the same time, and displaying counting rate of 4 channels by turns as well as displaying content of U, Th, K and total amount.
2. Ding Ur and Th to Cs to affect revision and enhance signal quality of reference source. Using micro PC to seek peak and track spectrum shift automatically,And stable the spectrum.
3. Equipment can deduct background value automatically.
4. Counting rate output of 3 channels like U, Th and K is all normalized to the value of 100s, and total counting rate will be all normalized to the value of 10s.
5. Self-stable status will be indicated on table head.
6. Having radioactive abnormal noise alarm, which can choose among 15×10-6-200-6 in abnormal alarm switch according to uranium content in all.
7. Seting alarm if batteries invalid and probe without signal.
8. High sensitivity, portable, light weight, firm and reliable, fit for field work.

Main Parameters
1. Content sensitivity threshold: uranium: 1*10-6 thorium: 2*10-6 Potassium: 0.2%
2.Content measuring range: uranium: 1*10-6~1000*10-6 thorium: 2*10-6~1000*10-6 Potassium: 0.2%~100% Total channel: 2*10-6~1000*10-6
3. Usage environment:
The instrument can be worked normally in the temperature of -100C~+550C or temperature +400C and relative humidity 95%. Comparing to each channel counting rate in normal climate condition and limit condition, the relative error is no more than±15%.
4. Repetition: under the same measurement condition, if you do continuous 20 times measurement to the same component, the relative standard deviation is no more than ±10%.
5. Stability: stable for 8 hours, the relative error is no more than ±10%.
6. Power and consumption: six 1# batteries, currency is 90mA
7. Equipment dimension and weight:
Operation desk: volume: 220*105*175mm, weight: 2.6kg (batteries not included)
Probe: length: 490mm, max. diameter: 100mm, weight is about 3.0kg

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