DSHD808 X-gamma Radiation Detector

DSHD808 X-gamma Radiation Detector

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1. X-gamma radiation total amount measurement
2. U, Th, K quantitative analysis
3. Recognize radionuclides
4. Radioactive detection of environment, building materials and house decoration stuff
5. Search underground water and determine solid objects density
6. Uranium, thorium and kalium prospecting
7. Large area gamma abnormity census, sap and trial trench rock nature extraction and edition.

Technical Parameters
1. X gamma ray energy is less than 4Mev
2. Sensitive thresholds: 350cps/usv/h
3. Detector: 30mm×30mm NaI(TI)crystal, resolution superior than 8%
4. Range: 0~9999usv/h 0~9999Y
5. Stability: measuring error ±7% (working 8 hours)
6. Accuracy: utmost deviation between measured absorbed dose rate and the value calculated is no more than±10%
7. Working condition: -10C~+50C, relative humidity is less than 95%
8. Size: 360 mm*90 mm*220 mm
9. Weight: 2.0kg

1. 16 bites ADC up to1MSPS, to achieve MCA design technology
2. Timing X-gamma spectra measurement to recognize nuclide and quantitative calculation of radionuclide content, as supplying dose rate
3. Reads: dose rate uSv/h/Y optional; cumulative dose uSv; count rate: CPS; quantitative calculation unit: ppm, %
4. Timing clock, can store 2 million spectra data
5. Custom measuring time: automatic get dose result after measurement
6. Multilayer menu display, auto survey and manual survey mode to choose
7. Chargeable lithium battery to supply; indicates when voltage is low, low power consumption, fast and convenient
8. Power consumption: less than 160MW

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