DSHJ-800 Tunnel Drilling Rig

DSHJ-800 Tunnel Drilling Rig

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Applications & Features:
DSHJ-800 tunnel drilling machine for coal mining is developed based on DSHY-2PC drilling rig of spindle type core
drilling,it is suitable for tunnel engineering drilling with diamond bit,tungsten carbide bit in coal mining and underground exploration drilling for coal field.
It is light in weight,compact size,lower center of gravity,and easy to move etc.

Technical Specifications
Project name unit numerical
Rated speed of rotation table shaft r/min 162/330/584/1190
Rated output torque of rotation table shaft N.m 800/360/205/90
Rated reverse speed of rotation table shaft r/min 196
Rated reverse output torque of rotation table shaft N.m 560
Max.push force of spindle kN 30
Max.pull force of spindle kN 42
Max.feed stroke mm 500
Max.pull force of hoist with single kN 10
Drum dia. mm 180
Wire rope dia. mm 10
Drum capacity m 30
Drilling depth in theory m
Use drill pipe type 42mm rod 200
50mm rod 150
43mm wire line rod 300
53mm wire line rod 200
Drilling angle range º -90~+90
Rated pressure of hydraulic system MPa 8
Model of electric motor YBK2-L160L-4
Power of electric motor kW 15
Overal dimension mm 1810×800×1330
Weight(excluding power unit and rod) kg 650
Max.weight of detached part kg 100

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