DSHM-DT06 Multi-Channel Fluxgate Magnetometer

DSHM-DT06 Multi-Channel Fluxgate Magnetometer

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SHM-DT06 multi-channel fluxgate magnetometer is widely applied to measure the vertical component or tri-component value of magnetic field. It has 12 channels (can be added to 512 channels array at most) to measure the magnetism or remanence after degaussing of large scale device like marine engine and vessel model etc., monitor underwater moving targets (like submarines) as well. It is a large scale special magnetometer used in lab, station, dock and seabed etc.

Main Function:
Wide geomagnetism compensation range
Multi-channels to measure simultaneously
Wide range , High resolution , High stability
Long probe cable
Probe can be worked under water
Equip common data acquisition device

Main Technical Parameters:
Sensor:auto-leveling system with damp (in the range of ±1 °)
turning difference (revolving 360 °) ±10nT
Measuring range:1±100nT
Equipment dimension: 600*1400*550mm (designed as per channel quantity)
Resolution: 0.1nT
Output full span: ±10V
Probe cable: 50m (designed by your demand, up to 500m at most)
Geomagnetism compensation range: -100000 ~+100000nT
Geomagnetism compensation fineness: 0.001% (the resolution of any point ranges 0~±100000nT is no less than 1nT)
Probe work under water depth: 30m
Work environment temperature: 0 C~35 C
Power: ~220V±10%
Benchmark power temperature stability up to: 1ppm/ C
Single component probe size: 78*115mm
Tri-component probe size: 92*213mm

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