DSHQ-15 Engineering Drilling Machine

DSHQ-15 Engineering Drilling Machine

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DSHQ-15 Engineering Drilling Machine
1. Applications:
DSHQ-15 engineering drilling machine is newly designed special for large diameter pile hole drilling, can use forward-circulation and reverse circulation drilling methods mainly used in drilling large diameter pile for building, skyscraper, dam, harbor, bridge etc. and drilling large diameter well.

2. Features:
Big torque, lightweight and compact structure in compare with same kind machine.
Mast, top-drive head move down or up along with, strength and rigidity.
Top-drive head has large inner diameter (182×182mm).
Reverse-circulation drilling if equipped with necessary equipment as well as forward-circulation drilling.
Strength, five forward speeds and one reverse speed, suitable for drilling a variety of rock, easy to handle accidents happened in hole.
Top-drive head is equipped with hand-powered chuck, square driving stem, large stroke, drilling efficiently.
Hydraulic feed, big pull and push force easy to make pressure and depression drilling.
Hydraulic retracting stroke is 1150mm, easy to lower and hoist drilling tools.
Walking device, easy to move and find accurate hole position.
Reasonable arrangement, easy to operate, smooth.
Can be equipped with special derrick if user needs.

Technical Specifications

hole dia (mm) 600-1500

drilling capacity (m) 100-50

top drive head speeds(r/min)
forward 13.5;22.8;40.19;63.9;98.5

reverse 12.85

max torque (N.m) 22100

top drive head inner hole (mm) 182182

top drive head max pull force(KN) 27

top drive head max push force(KN) 98.3

top drive head stroke(mm) 1000

hoist lift capacity with singlerope(KN) 48

retracting distance(mm) 790

oil pump
SCB32/12 twin-gear oil pump

power unit
electric motor Y225S-4 37KW

diesel engine 2135AG 50Hp

overal dimensions(L*W*H)mm 3620×1880×2704

drill body weight(excluding power)kg 5900

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