DSHQ 48 High Resolution Seismograph

DSHQ 48 High Resolution Seismograph

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1. DSHQ48 High Resolution Seismograph is produced on the basis of DSHQ24 seismograph and combined with China national situation to work under a new type Chinese WINXP system. The design and manufacturing into the valuable experience of seismic instruments, also absorbs today's advanced electronic technologies and design concepts, it is a leading seismograph multi-function, high accuracy, high speed, high reliability, good man-machine interface features and scalability.
2. The Instrument can be used a hammer, electric spark or explosion as the excitation source, with exploration depth from a few meters to a thousand meters; also delay function can be used to obtain Department of stratum deeper underground seismic data.
3. Applicable Methods are: Reflection, refraction, surface wave exploration, pile testing, microtremor measurement, high-density seismic imaging, vibration testing, measurement and shear-wave seismic exploration methods, widely used in water conservancy, electric power, railways, bridges, urban construction, transportation and other areas of engineering geological exploration, also applies to oil, coal, uranium mining and groundwater exploration and other fields.
Main Applications
Reflection and Refraction Exploration: Bedrock embedded depth, shape and regularities of distribution research, hydrological and engineering and environmental geological basic investigation. Shear Wave Velocity Test: Measurement of rock mass elasticity parameters, etc.
Surface Wave Prospecting: Cover layer investigation; weathering zone investigation; underground cavity and diseased geologic body survey; subgrade, levee, slope disease investigation.
High-density Multi-wave Seismic Imaging: Cavity investigation of ground base and subgrade (roadbed), cave surveying, etc.
Quality Inspection of Civil Engineering; Bridge pier and building pile foundation detecting, etc.
Safety Evaluation of City Blasting Vibration: All kinds of safety monitoring of blasting vibration.

Main FeaturesAdopt the latest high-speed, high-precision real 24-bit A/D converter. Maximum sampling interval for 48 channels in simultaneous sampling is 31.25us, reaching international advanced level.
Maximum sampling interval for single channel is up to 10us. Can easily complete seismic data acquisition, and data processing
Not only use the advanced wave filter with ultra-low distortion performance, better than 120 dB, with external suppression (cut-off frequency automatically changes with sampling frequency); meanwhile, various digital wave filters (high, low, band pass wave filters) are set in the software, with their cut-off frequency being set artificially.
Brand-new overall structure design, which allows more reasonable view to facilitate the operation.

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