DSHY-30H Hydraulic Underground Drill Rig

DSHY-30H Hydraulic Underground Drill Rig

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DSHY-30H hydraulic drill rig is a multi-function drill rig developed facing drilling grouting hole for hydro-power station. It also can be used for drilling the hole of support, penetration-proof, blasting; and treating dangerous rock and hillside. It is mainly suitable for drilling hard rock with diamond bit and PDC bit, and DTH drilling as well.

Main Features:
Reasonable specification, assure more efficiently drilling;
Fully hydraulic drive, top-drive head rotation, feed and hoist are all done by ration pump and ration motor which composite independent open hydraulic system, it is simple, advance, easy to use and maintain;
The main hydraulic components are from world famous hydraulic manufacturers, two-step filtering, to assure the reliability of the hydraulic system;
Newly-designed structure, three speeds, and can get different speeds through changing oil motor of top-drive head, to satisfy the needing of different drilling technology;
Light weight, easy to move, re-assembly and maintain. Especially suitable for drilling in tunnel and on the frame.

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