DSHZ-1 Proton Magnetic Detector

DSHZ-1 Proton Magnetic Detector

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DSHZ-1 proton magnetic detector is the new generation of proton magnetic detector with new technology based on home and overseas advanced magnetometer. The measuring accuracy is ±1nT, resolution up to 0.1nT, which is according to the demand of <Regulations of ground high precision magnetic survey> issued by original Geology and Minerals Department.

Application :
Oil &gas survey, and problems relative with oil &gas geological and earth structure; general survey;
Earthquake warning signs monitoring, volcano observation and other environmental disaster geological works;
Geological map of magnetic survey in mineral prospecting: iron ore, zinc lead ore, copper ores etc; Study ores buried depth, vein direction, continuity, shape and size, ore scale estimation;
Detailed survey, general survey and geological mapping;
Surface daily variation station of navigation and ocean magnetic measurement;
Fault location;
Engineering exploration like pipe detection etc.;
Detection of small ferromagnetic object and so on.

Main advantages:
1:Integration of clock: record time is stored together with the data measured
2:Large display, English interface, to display magnetic curves automatically, easy in operation.
3:Geomagnetic field and gradient measurement
4:Applicable in field survey or base station measurement
5:Each point saves information of latitude, longitude, elevation and time. You can measure and store them timely.
6:Backlight LCD screen can be used at night.
7:User-friendly keyboard can be used by both hands.
8:It can be tuned full range automatically or manually.
8:Portable, it uses probe antenna frame and operation is easily fulfilled by one person.
With RS-232C computer interface.
9:Can draw isograms and profile graphs with professional geological software.

Technical Specifications:
Power supply: External rechargeable lithium batteries, 14.5V/3Ah, or external power supply
Measurement range: 20,000nT~100,000nT
Measurement precision: 1nT
Resolution: 0.1nT
Allowed gradient: 5000nT/m
GPS positioning accuracy: 2.5m CEP
Data stored: 50,000, power-off protected
LCD display screen: 240*128 pixel graph liquid
Keyboard: 22 keys
Interface: RS-232C standard serial port
Dimension of mainframe: 230mm*155mm*65mm
Weight of mainframe: 2.2kg (include batteries)
Dimension of sonde: 75mm*155mm
Weight of sonde: 0.8kg
Working temperature: -10C~+50C

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