Ecoresin panels

Ecoresin panels

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Ecoresin panels.
Luxface is the synonym of translucent eresin, for its unique eresin has the capability to blend in almost any design element you want. Luxface product originates from life, and goes beyond your imagination.
With being eco-friendly as its idea of design, Luxface perfectly combines color, organic materials and textured veins together, thus enjoys a high reputation among designers.
Luxface is the favorate of fashion. Luxury brands like Chanel which shows maturity, Lancome which represents romance & classic, and W Hotel all put trust on Luxface.
Your trust is the best nutrition that nourishes Luxface. Luxface shall make continual efforts to develop excellent translucent eco-resin products which can make our life better.
Luxface translucent panels are being increasingly used to create atmosphere in exterior and interior spaces. Luxface translucent resin panels are a innovative, durable, light transmitting medium that are amazingly adaptable. Encapsulates color, organic materials, and textures within translucent resin panels.
Luxface resin panels offer a wealth of fascinating architectural possibilities, Interlayer Elements create brilliant and unique effects with ambient light and shadow creating an aesthetically pleasing solution to our utilitarian needs. Interlayer Elements are individually designed works of art.
Luxface provide designers and architects with limitless inspiration, the artistic creativity involved in the design of luxface is limitless.
From partition to ceiling, wall, divider, door, sculpture...The range of imaginative architectural uses is nearly limitless.

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