elderberry powder

elderberry powder

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Product Name: Elderberry ExtractLatin Name: Sambucus nigra L.
Appearance:Red Purple powderPart of the Plant Used:Fruit
Extract Method: Grain Alcohol/Water Elder fruit contains vitamins A, B and C, flavonoids, tannins, carotenoids, and amino acids. Elderberry is believed to possess therapeutic uses as an anti-inflammatory, diuretic, and immuno-stimulant.
Elderberry also contains several anthocyanin flavonoids known to possess significant antioxidant properties. There are a number of diseases known to exhibit the effects of oxidative stress in the body including cardiovascular disease, cancer, neurodegenerative disease, peripheral vascular disease and multiple sclerosis. Antioxidants, like those found in elderberry, scavenge free radicals reducing oxidative stress making elderberry a potentially valuable tool in treatment or prevention of these diseases.

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