Electric Car Ferry

Electric Car Ferry

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Car ferry is an important equipment in the production of aerated concrete equipment. Its main function is to move the mold or the steam curing car onto the designated track. To move smoothly, not producing strong vibration and avoid damaging the embryoid body. It plays an irreplaceable role in the air-flip aerated concrete brick equipment.

The machine is essential in the production process of aerated concrete products. It is used to transport the blank body into the autoclave for steam curing. After steam curing, it transports the blank body to the finished product line. And also, it carries the mold to the pouring line.

The main technical characteristics of our electric car ferry lies in that there is a three-in-one drive respectively fixed on each beam at the bottom of both sides of the bridge. The car track is fixed on the bridge, a winding engine is fixed on the primary beam of the arriving side, 2 friction wheel devices are fixed on the two main beams outside the entrance side. The electric car ferry in Fu wei Heavy Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd has the following advantages:
The entire device is simple and reasonable in structure,
It has stable operation and accurate positioning.

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