Electric Energy feedback device for mine crane

Electric Energy feedback device for mine crane

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The mechanical energy from moving load can be changed into electricity power by energy feedback equipment, then return to AC power network which can supply the electricity for other equipment.
It can make motor dragging system reduce the loss of electricity energy in unit time for the purpose of saving electricity power.
Substitute: Break unit+Resistance = Energy feedback

1.Controlled by 32 bit high-powered industrial microprocessor, fast respond speed and high control accuracy, constancy feedback.
2. Energy saving: feedback regeneration energy to power network, efficiency can reach up to 97%, increase economic benefits and protect environment.
3. Protection: can prevent power grid flow back, overheat, overcurrent, out of phase, out of voltage, short circuit.
4. Adaptive connection mode, easy to set up. Adopting self-diagnosis technology to assure the accuracy of output voltage, voltage aberrance rate<5%, accordance with IE61000-3-2 and GB/T 14549 for power network harmonic wave
5. Intelligent digital control pannel, using advanced electronic technologh and high-power IGBt AS SWITCH ACCESSORY, using PWM pulse width modulation technology, the output phase is accurated and it can prepress high order harmonic wave, using DSP CPU with high speed, high precision ,goods reliablility, strong anti-jamming ability.
6. Inbuilt intelligent fan, high and low frenquency filters, external short protection. Can store relevant data for track and diagnose.
7. Suitable for all inverters, such as Siemens, Danfoss, ABB, Fuji, Mistubishi, etc.
8. Warranty period:18 months.
Technique Specification
a. Rated voltage: AC220V/380V.480V/660V
b. Power range: 7.5KW~320KW
c. Brake mode: two-way automatic voltage tracking
d. Respond time: less than 2 mins, using multiple noise filtering algorithm
e. Network voltage allowed: 380V~460V~660VAC, 45~66Hz
f. Operation voltage: 560V~700VDC,750V~850V,1150V~1250V,±2V
g. Braking torque: 150%
h. Feedback way:Sine-wave current
i. Current distortion: less than 5%
j. Feedback algorithm: SPWM
k. Working manner: long-term work
l. Protect function: overheat, overcurrent, short circuit, failture self-diagnostic and output protection
m. Feedback continuously, 100% feedback braking frequency, input or output large reactor.

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