Electrical Aluminum Diffuser(GF-L22)

Electrical Aluminum Diffuser(GF-L22)

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Product Name: electrical aluminum diffuser
Color: ivory
Packaging Description: 2/carton, 4/carton, 6/carton


-Imports motor, rated voltage: 220 V,power: 7 W, Speed: 4 r / min, Moment:40N/cn .

-Using high-strength aluminum alloy, with beautiful and antioxidant surface.

-Argon shield welding. frame edges with a flange and strengthen anti-edge angle to ensure the integral strength and beauty.

-Hidden link can suffer from the wind pressure, overcome conventional products easily deformed and rotten.

-Blades internal and drive shaft connected by shaft to ensure flexible and not loosen.

-The diffuser dimensions, spacing and swing can be designed for customer special requirements.
BKD # 619593
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