electrical meter box

electrical meter box

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Product Overview:
XDD energy metering box for 0.4KV voltage system for energy metering equipment, including the combination of the transformer (collecting three-phase current and voltage signals), box, power meter, current accuracy of 0.2S voltage accuracy level of 0.2 level. Cabinet material for the SMC and PC two. Widely used in a variety of low-voltage electrical energy measurement sites.
Technical Parameters:
Rated operating voltage: AC380V / 220V
Rated insulation voltage: AC5000V
Rated frequency: 50HZ or 60HZ;
Electrical Clearance: 5.5mm
Creepage distance: 8mm
Protection class: IP30
Product Features
In non-metallic materials, fiber reinforced polyester material has excellent anti-aging properties. The results showed that the maximum aging depth was less than 50 in 20 years. Most of the cabinet minimum thickness of 5mm, less than 1% of the thickness of the box, so the mechanical properties of the box has no significant impact. So that the company has adopted a special UV-resistant surface treatment process, and more to strengthen its anti-aging properties.
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