electronic batching system

electronic batching system

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Main Functions: By control box or computer in center room, full automatic batching section can be realized. Specifications: high working efficiency & batching precision
easy operation professional manufacturer top quality and good services good price The whole AAC production line including ingredients, mixing, pouring, preliminary maintenance, cutting, autoclaved maintenance.1.AAC block raw material preparation and storage equipment: jaw crusher,Bucket elevator ,silo,Electronic Vibrating Feeder,Ball Mill ,mold and so on ) Fly ash (or sand, stone) by electromagnetic vibrating feeder and belt into the ball mill, the fly ash( after grinding fine sand, stone) with fly ash pump were sent to the pulp cans of storage. Lime by electromagnetic vibrating feeder and belt into the jaw crusher are broken, broken by lime hoist into lime storage and then by screw conveyor into fine after grinding ball mill, material is screw conveyor, hoist into powder batching.
2.Ingredients, mixing, pouring equipment: screw conveyor,silo,Aluminum mixer,Pouring machine,control system and so on) Fly ash slurry or sand slurry will be measured by slurry electronic measurement in ingredients center .Lime, cement are sent by spiral feeder to measure.Then all the raw materials will be sent to pouring mixer machine by feeding equipment for high-speed mixing,All measurement through PLC automatic centralized control,to assure accuracy and continuity of measurement.After a few minutes,then the arm of casting machine starts pouring material to the mold box.

3.Static stop maintenance equipment: Static stop maintenance room)After pouring, mold should be sent to static stop maintenance room for preliminary condensation, the temperature need 50 to 70°C for 1.5-2 hours.(according to the geographical advantages, can discharge the process).4.Cutting section equipment: AAC cutting machine,air compressor,Recycling mixer)5.Coding and autoclave equipment: steaming curing,windlass,autoclaves,boiler and so on)Finished grouping steaming curing will be sent to autoclaves by the slowly windlass,after 8-10hours blocks in autoclaves ,the finished blocks will be take out with the windlass behind the autoclave. A semi-finished crane hoist will send the blocks with side panel to conveying groove,then the the blocks would be sent to wooden pallets in the packing line by a finished crane hoist. The worker or automatic packing machine will pack the blocks ,the they are in finished goods yard. The empty side panel return and go on its cycle after cleaning.

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