Electronic Coffee-maker Thick Film Heater

Electronic Coffee-maker Thick Film Heater

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Thick film heater technology use thick film roll coating process on the stainless steel substrate coated with insulating medium, heating resistor, protective glaze materials through high temperature sintering. It is a high-tech and environmental protection product which has been widely applied in instant heat water boilers/kettle, water purifier, coffee machine and so on

Thick-film technology, the technology is mature and reliable
New non-metallic material, which is suitable for bonding on stainless steel board. It is reliable and stable, lead-free non-toxic.
Design flexibility, directly use of the thickness of 1.2mm stainless steel sheet, shape, power, size can be customized.
Heating temperature rises fast, low heat capacity, small temperature fluctuation, the water temperature can reach 95 degree for 2 seconds or more, prolonged use of power does not decay.
Energy efficient, energy utilization is up to 99%. The heating plate coating has strong corrosion resistance.
Use of roller process, the slurry through four layers of ultra-high-temperature sintering (850 degree) closely integrated into the hard and compact circuit layer, and not easily scratched, do not fall off, a long service life.
This heater is easy to install, connect the device stable and secure.
Insulation resistant up to 3500V voltage, standard power design is 2500W. Size, power can also be tailored to customer requirements, to ensure the safe use of electricity.
The production process is mature, product yield can reach more than 99%. CCC certification and SGS test, lead-free no sinister, in line with the EU ROHS environmental certification requirements

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