Electronics Card/Decoder for Epson 7900/9900/7910/9910

Electronics Card/Decoder for Epson 7900/9900/7910/9910

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1.The Electronics Card/decoder is sutiable for Epson 7900/9900/7910/9910 printer. 
2.It can be used on the original cartridge and the refillable cartridge.But you should prove that the cartridge should have sensor on it. 
2.The installtion is very easy. 
1)There are two  sensor pins in  the cartridge,like the picture 2 showing,you juse need contact our decoder's two  sensor pins ,like the picture 3 showing,contact with the cartridge's two pins.Then it can work.
2)If your cartridge has no place for our decoder,in order to contact well,you should  use the knife to nick a hole  which can contact well with our decoder . 
3)when you refill ink into the cartridge,you don't need turn off the printer's power,you just need press the decoder's button after you finish refilling the ink,when the light become red, to green,and then  extinguish,it means that the ink level has been resetted full.Then colse the printer's cover.You can check the printer's menu graphical display that will show the cartridge's ink level is 100%. 
4)Please note :our decoder can be reset the ink level is 350 ml,if you want to reset 700ml cartridge,you should press the decoder's button two times.

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