Emergency Bank phone    SPQ-M-KT3

Emergency Bank phone SPQ-M-KT3

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Characteristics 1. Autodial when phone is picked up.2.The number to dial-up can be optionally set or changed with requirement3. Provided with the full function of the common telephone; 4. Wearable, high reliability, waterproof!5. Be applicable for attended and unattended condition
Application Examples: 1.It is applicable for speedway system to dial-up help call for emergency;2.It is applicable for railway or metro system to dialup the section telephone;3.It is applicable for customers to dialup complaining or service telephone of ATM machines or other service stations;
Functions:1. It is applicable for customers to dialup the hotline phone 2. It can be automatically dialup. The phone of the customer service center will be put through automatically for you in five seconds after you pick up handset without pressing any key;3. Shortcut function.You can choose any key on the menu according to your requirement. In addition, the phone can also download various of programs and realize the function in the following:A. Set various of phone numberB. Dial time can set freelyC. Can auto put through manpower service after the dialing tone indication.D. Can set hands free call.

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