En-masse Conveyor/Elevator

En-masse Conveyor/Elevator

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En-masse Conveyor/Elevator Introduction
En-masse conveyor/elevator can be used for both horizontal and vertical conveying of most granular and small lump materials. This conveyor/elevator is ideal for handling many different materials for industries such as flour, rice, sugar and milk powder, and animal feed and cereal like wheat, barley, feed pellet and oil seeds. Two models, TGSS and TGSU, are available for choice. The TGSU model features U-shaped scraper blade and self-cleaning function for little vestigital. 
En-masse Conveyor/Elevator Features
1. Heavy load model, compact and simple design, easy to install and maintain.
2. Long conveying/elevating distance, good sealing performance.
3. Material feeding and discharging at any point with a uniform load.
4. Equipped with choke detector, anti-broken device for chain and alarm device.
5. Conveying track is made of wear resistant material for reducing vibration and extending service life.
BKD # 622095

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