enclosed type vacuum insulating oil purifier machine

enclosed type vacuum insulating oil purifier machine

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Series ZYD enclosed type insulating oil purifier machine is designed for the following applicaitions.
a. Degassing, dehydration and filtering impurities of transformer oil,insulating oil
b. Remove acidity, sludge, free carbon, other soluble oil decay products and discoloration
c. It can vacuum filling oil to transformer, vacuum dry transformer and on-line operation transformer .
d. It is mainly used for purifying the insulating oil, transformer oil, mutual oil, switch oil, dielectric oil and so on. The standard ZYD system is designed for processing oils in workshops, in storage tanks or directly in transformers (energized or de-energized transformers).

1.A capability of reducing moisture content from 50ppm to 3ppm moisture and 12% gas content to less than 0.1% by volume. 98% of particulate matter will also be removed.

2. Double-Stage vacuum system,strong power of vacuum evacuating,ultimate vacuum value no more than 5Pa

3. Duplex-Stereo film evaporation technology,combined with unique and advanced dewatering,degassing components,can rapidly and effectively separate water, gas,from oil.

4. An advanced fully automatic temperature controlling system,liquid-level controlling system,defoaming controlling system,pressure protecting system and excellent configuration can ensure operation of the equipment with high performance

5. Online work,allowing separated operation of manual operators from machine with lamps indicating the condition for operation.

6 It is humanization design with low noise,deep purification and long time free maintenance to save cost from the running process.

1 Enhance the value of breakdown voltage of oil greatly.
2 Easy handling and maintenance. It is available that online work. The plant can provide the ability of injection oil into the transformers without extra accessory.
3 Lower maintenance and replacement expenses.
4 High efficiency and effectiveness while small size, light weight, and low noise.

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