Engine Reliability Test-bench System

Engine Reliability Test-bench System

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Supplier and Manufacturer: CAMA (Luoyang) Electromechanic Co.,Ltd
 (Original Luoyang Nanfeng Electromechanic Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd).  
 Website: Http://www.lynf.cn

The Scope of Products: 
Engine reliability (durability) test bench system including eddy current dynamometer, conditioning system and etc, can be used for reliability research of internal combustion engine and its components.

est Bench Configurations
1. Eddy current dynamometer
2. FST3 measurement and control system for eddy current dynamometer
3. Pressure and temperature module acquisition system
4. Electromagnetic throttle actuator
5. Transient fuel consumption (gas consumption) meter
6. Engine coolant conditioning system
7. Engine oil conditioning system
8. Engine fuel conditioning system
9. Engine inter-cooler simulation system
10. Elastic coupling
11. Exhaust pressure measurement and control devices
12. Steel base plate and air spring shock absorber system
13. Engine supports, dynamometer basement, protective cover and etc

Technical Characteristics:
1. Import GERMAN technology, has advantages of low inertia and fast response time;
2.Excellent alarming system, whose key components adopt imported ones;
3.Can realize automatic control during the whole engine test;
4.Can be communicated and integrated with engine emission measurement system;
5.Fast-response electromagnetic throttle actuator;
6.Adjustable flow and outlet pressure of coolant conditioning system;
7.Adjustable flow and inlet pressure of oil conditioning system
8.Adjustable inlet and outlet pressure of inter-cooler system;
BKD # 619663

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