engine test eddy current dynamometer

engine test eddy current dynamometer

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Supplier and Manufacturer: CAMA (Luoyang) Electromechanic Co.,Ltd
 (Original Luoyang Nanfeng Electromechanic Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd).  
 Website: Http://www.lynf.cn

CAMA is affiliated with China Airborne Missile Academy, is a professional manufacturer introducing exclusive technology of eddy current dynamometer earliest in domestic market. With military manufacturing history of forty-year, solid capability of development and production, advantage of quality control system in airborne enterprise, CAMA has developed as the biggest and most professional engine/motor/transmission/automobile parts test bed manufacturer. The market share is over 80% in China.  Products are exported to America, Canada, Turkey, Vietnam, Iran, South Korea, Laos, etc. 

Series CW eddy current dynamometers, which produced by CAMA and manufactured according to the proprietary techniques of ZOLLNER GMBH in Germany, have advantages of low inertia, high  accuracy  and stability, simple structure, convenient maintenance, complete series, wide use,  automation in operation and control etc. The dynamometers are not only used for testing and performance test of engine but also in the fields of performance test, survivability test, model test of other prime mover, dynamo, rotational system and some components and parts like oil pump, oil nozzle, speed governor and so on. They are widely used in production, scientific research, education, maintenance and other fields. 

      Model              Power  Torque Speed
Cw50-2700/10000	 50	176	10000
Cw100-3000/10000	100	318	10000
Cw150-1500/6500	150	955	6500
Cw160-3000/10000	160	522	10000
Cw260-1800/7500	260	1395	7500
Cw440-1500/6500	440	2764	6500
Cw550-1500/3000	550	3500	3000
Cw650-1500/3000	650	4138	3000
Cw750-1500/3000	750	4775	3000
Cw850-1500/3000	850	5400	3000
Cw1300-1500/2000	1300	8270	2000
BKD # 619657

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