ER1000 hand-held unmanned aerial vehicles to drive traps

ER1000 hand-held unmanned aerial vehicles to drive traps

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ER1000 hand-held unmanned aerial vehicles to drive traps

Working principle and function:

The device consists of a hand-held host and a battery pack. Hand-held host for the three-band transmitter antenna integrated design, can simultaneously generate 2.4GHz / 5.8GHz band UAV flight control interference signals and satellite positioning interference signal, through the UAV on the flight control channel and satellite positioning channel Blocking interference, so that it lost flight control instructions and satellite positioning information, so that it can not fly, according to the design of different unmanned aircraft will have a return, landing and fall control effect.


Small size, light weight, easy to carry and hand work;

Easy to use, you can start work at any time to support the flight control block and

flight control+ satellite positioning block two kinds of work;

Interference on the WiFi signal is small, the device uses strong pointing antenna;

Can block satellite positioning signals.

Control distance: 1 km (UAV distance from the remote control 200m, the height of not less than 30m)

Technical indicators

Control frequency range:
2.400~ 2.483GHz(band1)
5. 725 to 5.850 GHz (band II)
1.559 to 1.620 GHz (band III)

Equivalent omnidirectional radiated power:
49dBmW (band I)
43dBmW(band II)
46dBmW(band II)

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