esd shoes & booties

esd shoes & booties

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Shenzhen Selen Science & Technology Co., Ltd.


Shenzhen Selen Science & Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1993. We specialize in developing, manufacturing and marketing Hi-Tech Anti-static and Cleanroom products, now is one of the largest manufacturer, one-stop supplier in the ESD and Cleanroom industry in China. Our annual production of Cleanroom uniform has exceeded 1 million pieces/sets, and ESD shoes output can reach 500 thousand pairs annually.

Our products mainly include cleanroom coveralls, anti-static garments, gloves, finger cots, wipers, cleanroom swabs, disposable face masks/caps/shoe covers, and hoods, caps. Beside all those mentioned above, part bins, transport containers, anti-static chairs and the accessories concerned, anti-static/conductive corrugated plastic sheet, anti-static tiles, anti-static rubber mats, sticky mats/rollers, wrist strap and heel grounders, etc. also come to our product range.

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