ET8610-IP68 Waterproof GPRS/SMS FAM

ET8610-IP68 Waterproof GPRS/SMS FAM

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ET8610 SMS FAM main apllication filed is Power grid automatization, industrial monitoring, traffic management, weather, finance, Basic Environmen protecting, colliery, Oil field etc., especially, apply in security, remote control. Implement transparent data transmission over GSM network.

2. Feature
@ Waterproof, anti-corrosion, fireproofing, resist-hitting
ET8610-W SMS FAM with aluminum casting sealed shell; It can be waterproof, anti-corrosion, fireproofing, resist-hitting. It's very suitable for outdoor, field, hill, forest and swamp and such poor conditions.
@ Solar photovoltaic power generation system
ET8610-W SMS FAM can use Solar photovoltaic power generation system, though 5W solar photovoltaic panels and 4AH lead-acid store battery, it will provide long uninterrupted power supply to FAM.
@ Industrial Design
ET8610-W SMS FAM with industrial design, built-in watchdog chipset to ensure the system work, MCU monitoring the GSM communications all the time, if the GSM module does not response for long time, FAM will restart automatically. FAM is very suitable for long-term continuous work.
@ Embedded Li-battery and Temperature sensor
ET8610 SMS FAM built-in 450mA Lithium battery, it can work for 3 hours if the external power supply cut off.
@ User-define alarm SMS
ET8610 FAM support User-define alarm SMS, according to alarm port status, FAM will choose the user pre-stored content, and send to user mobile phone by SMS, it's easy for user to read alarm message.
@ Ring and SMS alarm
FAM support ring and SMS to send alarm message, when the alarm happen, FAM will start ring for 10 seconds, and then send alarm SMS to users. Users also can remote setting and control FAM by SMS.
@ SMS receipt
To ensure user receive the alarm messages, user can set the alarm SMS resend frequency, unless the alarm clear or receive ACK message receipt from user phone, FAM will repeat to send alarm SMS by Specified frequency and interval.
@ Alarm clear message
All of FAM I/O port can be set the alarm clear message, when the port alarm status clear, FAM will send alarm clear SMS to notice user.
@ Regularly report the I/O status
ET8610 FAM support auto send I/O port status by specified time, after user set the time, FAM will send the port status on specified time daily.
@ Clock synchronization
FAM can read the clock from SMS to clock synchronization, and it can upload I/O port status at the appointed time.
@ Cell phone and PC be Data service center
FAM support cell phone and PC server to be data service center, if PC to be service center, please use eTel FAM management platform software, it supports data base, and google map, and monitor thousands FAM at real time. We suggest use management platform if the network exceed 500 stations.
@ Worldwide applications
ET8610 FAM broad range of applications, it can be used in industrial remote monitoring, security, meteorology, environmental protection, water conservancy, electric power industries.

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