EtchON Laser Engraving (Non Metal) LE204

EtchON Laser Engraving (Non Metal) LE204

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EtchON LE204 ( Laser Engraver for Non Metals )... 

EtchON LE204, This model is perfect Co2 Sealer Laser Desktop Engraving Machine with 600 x 900 mm workable area specially designed for large-format laser engraving. These are mid level solution that can be easily scaled to support your changing laser engraving with the basics, and upgraded power and software increase performance. Without compromising quality, delivers laser-sharp accuracy and fine details. This machine is useful for mid level entrepreneurs. This machine can be attached to Rotary Device to engrave on curved surface. These machines are suitable for marking and cutting acrylic, plastics, painted or coated metal, plastic, paper leather, bamboo,glass, stone marble etc

Specifications :- 

MODEL :EtchON LE 204
Laser Tube : Water Cooling Sealed Glass Co2 Laser Tube 
Control System :32 Bit DSP with Flash Memory
Drive Type : Stepper Motors 
Laser Power : 60W
Working Size :600 x 900 mm  
Max Speed :1000 mm/s 
Image form : Pit, BMP, Jpg, GIF, PNG, TIF 
Software Supported : CorelDraw, Photoshop, Artcut 
Cutting Depth : Acrylic 0-10 mm 
Laser Tube (Life in Hours) :2000 Hours 
Resolution :1000 DPI 
Repeatability :0.01 mm 
Minimum Forming Character:English 1.5 x 1.5 mm 
Interface:PCT / USB (Optional) 
Power:110 ~ 230 V / 50~60 Hz 
Machine Dimension (mm):1400 X 960 X 1030 
Gross Weight :240 Kg 
WARRANTY:12 Months 

Contact:Axioma Technologies, India, Email:support(at), Contact:+91-9422205163
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