Explosion-proof Ball Mill

Explosion-proof Ball Mill

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Explosion-proof Ball Mill is the indispensable equipment of the production of inflammable and explosive materials, it has the advantages of strong adaptability of raw materials, large production capacity, good seal to prevent dust leakage, continuous operation, and easy to adjust the fineness of finished product. Explosion-proof Ball Mill mainly consists of feeding part, discharging part, turning part, transmission part (reducer, small driving gear, motor, electronic control). Hollow axis adopts the cast steel pieces, with removable liner, reaturn big gear adopts casting roll teeth processing, the body inlaid with good abrasion liner. It smoothly operate ,reliable work.

Grinding Ball
The grinding effect of the explosion-proof ball mill is a ball, so the amount of ball loaded into explosion-proof ball mill determines the strength of the grinding effect. Because of the weak uniformity of ore strength, the particle size of the ore is more rough, the mechanical strength is poorer. And the reduction of explosion-proof ball mill grinding media wastage will bring some economic benefits for company, so Jiansu zhongbo with a wide range focus on the development of high wear resistance, low broken rate, low-cost low-alloy cast iron explosion-proof grinding ball.
Explosion-proof Ball Mill working principle
High-pressure air press the raw materials from the hollow shaft into the low-speed rotation of the grinding tube. Raw materials and steel balls scroll up and down together to roll, grind of material, and when the material reach a certain fineness ,the powder by the wind is brought out from the discharge end, if not reach the fineness, the powder flow back into the hollow shaft through tube, then into ginding body for re-grinding. It is applicable to the grinding of the raw materials of aluminum powder, magnesium powder, sulfur, and other easy-ene explosive. Sealed to the material, and compressed air transportation and the protection of nitrogen, so that effectively prevent accident of easy alkene materials in the grinding operation.
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