Factory New AB 1747-SDN 1747-SN ControlLogix module

Factory New AB 1747-SDN 1747-SN ControlLogix module

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1756-PC75 1756-PH75 1756-PSCA2
1751-SL4SP 1751-SLBA 1751-SLBP
1756-SYNCH 1756-BA1 1756-BA2
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The SLC500 Series offers a wide range of options for memory, I / O capacity, instruction set, and communication interfaces, allowing you to form a control system to meet its stringent application requirements. These products have a strong history of reliability, they cover hundreds of thousands of various applications.
The SLC500 processor provides 20, 30 or 40 fixed digital I / Os. By adding an expansion rack, you can add 2 I / O modules to add up to 64 additional I / Os.

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