Factory Price 1k Reddish Blue Color Car Coating Paint

Factory Price 1k Reddish Blue Color Car Coating Paint

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"Characteristic:Made from weathering resistant resins,the high quality basecoat 
is with good hiding power,excellent metallic effect and easy to apply."								
 Substrates	Dried and sanded existing finishes, primers 							
"  Substrates 
Treatment"	Remove paint dust and contaminations with degreaser before sanded							
Mixing Ratio	Temperature	Name	1K Basecoat Color		 Thinner			
	According to temperature to choose the Hardener and Thinner  	Volume Ratio	1part		1-1.2part			
Remarks	At high temperature,it is recommended to use slow thinner or add proper retarder solvent to avoid mottling.							
Pot Life 	24 hours at 20 C							
Spray viscosity	16-22 Minutes at 20 C							
No. of Coats	2-3coats							
Flash-off time	3-5 Minutes 							
Each thickness	10-20Micron							
Spray Pressure	"Gravity Feed: 1.2-1.5mm
Siphon Feed: 1.2-1.7mm"							
Drying Time	Temperature		Dust Free		Application time of next process			
	200C		5 minutes		10-15minutes			
"Sandability and 
Polishabiility"	Use over P1000 sand paper if need polish							
Shelf Life	5 years in original sealed (can continue to use after passing inspection )							
Packaging	1LX6tins/ctn / 4LX4tins/ctn

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