Falling-ball test machine

Falling-ball test machine

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1,	it mainly tests following kinds of ball: dia80mm 100mm120mm,It only test one kind at a time .when test the other transmission tubes should be closed.
2,	The mold No is SF-2,and the falling distance is 3500mm.
3,	Count the number of dropping-ball through the photoelectric sensor signals.
4,	This equipment can be directly put on smooth ground ,only need a power of 380V.
5,	When test only need one person to operator.
6,	The tested steel ball should be smooth without defect.
7,	Before powering up, the operator should add some lubricating oil into the reducer and screw up all the screws.
8,	In the machine there are 16 steel balls in all if a ball is damaged, it should be  picked up and add another if it is fast when testing ,it can be adjusted by add the weight of the outlet ,the weight can be adjusted according to need.
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