Far infrared quartz heater

Far infrared quartz heater

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Far infrared quartz heater component voltage is 75V/110V/220V/230V/380V or other voltage grades needed by users. 

1. Length 200 - 3,000 mm; Outer diameter: OD:8-50mm; Power: 300-6000W. Our company can also process, design, produce goods according to each technical parameter of user's special request. 
2.	 Surface temperature of heater divides into three grades: Low temperature: 400 --600 temperature ,mid temperature: 600 --800 temperature, high temperature: 800 --1000 temperature

3.	 Relative radiation characteristic: This quartz heater component has strong transmission at far infrared, compared with other kinds far infrared products, when the wavelength >6Lj, radiation energy is particularly remarkable. 

4. The spectrum emissivities: The quartz heater the component have no coating, and milky white quartz tube playing a radiation role promptly, also supporting and insulate role.
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