Ferronickel metallurgy raw material processing

Ferronickel metallurgy raw material processing

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Ferronickel metallurgy raw material processing can be roughly divided into two sections: the fist section is lump ore crushing, drying, milling and mixing mineral, then pelletizing , the rear section is mainly ball roasting. Crushing, pelletizing and ball roasting are the major parts of production process.
1.ferronickel ore crushing
Crushing is the basic process of raw materials processing, including the nickel oxide ore block, lump coal and limestone crushing, for preparation of the subsequent charging material processing. Crusher feed size should be associated with the incoming particle size suit. Crusher material particle size, depends on the broken machine outlet width and characteristic of crusher.
2.ferronickel ore pelletizing 
after crushing, milling , ferronickel ore powder can be directly into the mixing, pelleting process; and soil mineral powder doesn't need breaking, but must be dried before grinding. The majority drying device of Nickel oxide ore is rotary kiln, which also has mixing function.
2.1 dispensing equipment
On nickel iron ore proportioning device, it is usually using vibrating feeder with electronic belt scale which form quantitative feeding system with better effect.
2.2 pelleting equipment
Commonly used pelletizing equipment are mainly disc pelletizer and extrusion pelletizer. The former is more widely used for.Disc pelletizer work characters are: material form regular exercise, chondrite of different particle size run respectively along different tracks, graded according to size, eduction is the standard size ball.
3.fresh pellet calcination
Chain grate machine - rotary kiln is a joint unit, including the chain grate machine, rotary kiln, cooling machine and its ancillary equipment. Chain grate machine - rotary kiln roasting process characteristics as follows:
( 1) drying, preheating, roasting and cooling process are carried out in three different equipment, fresh ball first in the chain grate machine dried, preheated, and then enters into the rotary kiln for roasting, finally in the cooling machine to accomplish the cooling;
( 2) calcination process is completed in rotary kiln with uniform roasting quality;
( 3) heat recycling fully, low energy consumption;
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