FH-220 multi-function luxury platform

FH-220 multi-function luxury platform

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Product Details

Application industry
FH-220 multifunction luxury platform suitable for enterprise (membership cards, bank cards, scratch cards and other cards Coding), pharmaceutical companies (Drug Code, electronic monitoring code), one-dimensional codes, two dimensional codes and other information.
Paging high speed, accurate position, automatic receipts, UV drying, system support one dimensional barcode, two dimensional barcode, supervision code, databases, text, images, etc. 
Detail parameters

Multi-functional luxury platform technology parameters:
Isolated width: 50 ~ 200 mm
isolate thickness: 0.3 ~ 5 mm
Separate lines: 1 ~ 2 rows
Speed: 0 ~ 50 m/min
Speed: 0 ~ 50 m/min
Power: 2.5 KW
Mechanical size: 4200 (L) x830(W) x1300 (h) m/m
Switchboard weight: 400 kg 
BKD # 752513

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