Filling Machine for Bottled Water and Non-carbonated Drink

Filling Machine for Bottled Water and Non-carbonated Drink

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Perfectly designed to fill the non carbonated drink into PET bottle, such as mineral water, wine

Processing Steps:
1. Bottles are transfered by the air elevator to the rinser
Bottles are separated by the worm while moving towards the first star

2. The first star transfers each bottle into a neck-grip on the rinser - which are synchronised with the moving plane cam

3. The grip closes and the bottle is transfered onto the rodding cam

4. The bottle is then turned bottom up and washed with water
The bottle is returned to bottom down position, and the grip holding the bottle opens

5. Bottles are seperated by the second worm while being transferred to the filler

6. The bottle moves through the middle star-wheel to a position directly under a filling valve

7. The feeder then raises up the bottle so as its mouth is on the valve

8. A sensor next to the valve sends a command to the servo-motor to open the valve - bottles are then aereted to a level pressure between the inside and outside of the bottle

9. After leveling of the pressures, gravity filling of the liquid into the bottle begins

10. The level to which the bottle is filled, depends on the length of the valve tube

11. The bottle is de-aerated and moved by the middle star and the bottle is capped from the end of skid of the capping machine

12 the capping head is moved down onto the cam with a simultaneous rotation

13. the bottle is then closed with the cap

14. The closed bottle is then moved by the exit star to the conveyor belt

15.Caps are orientated in the hopper and are moved to the skid as the final process

Models (based on 500ml PET bottle)
CGF14-12-4 Capacity: 2000~4000BPH
CGF 16-16-6 Capacity: 4000~5000BPH
CGF18-18-6 Capacity: 4000~6000BPH
CGF24-24-8 Capacity: 6000~8000BPH
CGF-32-32-8 Capacity: 10000-12500BPH
CGF40-40-10 Capacity: 16000-20000BPH
CGF50-50-12 Capacity: 20000-24000BPH
CGF60-60-15 Capacity: 25000-3000BPH

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