fire tube 2TPH 1.25MPa boiler

fire tube 2TPH 1.25MPa boiler

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brief introduction
This boiler is fully line with the requirements that in China, namely, safety and inspection standards for steam boilers-1996
The type of this boiler is WNS2-1.0-Y(Q), which is an automatic horizontal internal combustion oil (gas) packaged boiler with tripart-backhaul. The first backhaul is in Wave furnace. The secondary backhaul is in spirally corrugated tubes. The third one is in light fire tubes. Equipped with fully automatically control device and security protection, this boiler could activate the Alarm that water level, emergency stop, steam pressure, auto-starting and adjusting in combustor.
The fuel of this boiler is oil or gas. Sprayed out from the combustor, the fuel could burn in furnace by plus pressure with starting-fire first. The high temperature flue gas came into the secondary backhaul, then went into the header of the flue gas in third one, at last discharged into the air.

1. steam capacity 2 t/h
2. steam pressure 1.0 MPa
3. steam temperature 184 ° C
4. feeding water temperature 20 ° C
5. designing efficiency 88.3 %
6. designing fuel light oil or natural gas
7. consumption of fuel 132.6 kg/h , 151 Nm3/h
8. area in heating surface 55.7 m2
9. discharging gas temperature 237.1° C
10. total weight with water 9900 kg
11. total weight of boiler in metal 5085.4 kg
12. delivering weight 5800 kg
13. delivering size 3750×1900×2150 (mm)

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