Fish Feed Pellets Dryer

Fish Feed Pellets Dryer

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The fishfeed pellet dryer generally consists of several independent units, each unit comprises a circulating fan, heating means,
used alone or in common fresh air drawn into the system and operating parameters of the exhaust gas discharge system,
the temperature of the drying medium temperature and circulation amount can be controlled independently,
optimize the during the drying process.
Usually, the feed pellet dryer was composed of a repeating conveyor belt, two or more air heaters, multiple turbines,
and the transmission shifting device and other components.
The repeating conveyor belt was made of a stainless steel wire mesh or perforated stainless steel plate,
driven by the electric motor via gearboxes. The speed is adjustable
Feature of fish feed pellet dryer
the machine will stop the material from vibration and shock when drying.
Device structure is simple, easy installation and maintenance.
Application of fish feed pellet dryer
belt type fish feed pellet dryer structure is simple.
The feed pellet dryer is commonly used in the low drying speed and long drying time of occasion.
It feed pellet dryer is widely used in the drying of feed pellet and grains.
Because of turning material repeatedly in the operation,
it is not suitable for viscous material and friable materials drying.Technical Parameters of feed pellet dryer

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