Five Colors Feng Shui Lucky Cat

Five Colors Feng Shui Lucky Cat

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Feng Shui Lucky Cat hold a colorful feng shui bead, the legend said the feng shui bead can transfer the fortune, five colors stand for the following meaning: 

1. White: Drives away evil, brings good luck 
2. Yellow: Gathering of abundant fortune 
3. Purple: To make everything to turn upward 
4. Red: Love and family luck to turn upward 
5. Bule: Family health and to rid of bad luck. 

Size: H 3.5" x W 3.15" (H 9cm) 

Cold-Cast Ceramic 
Hand made and painted 
Packing: 36ps / carton (47.5*32*38cm) 

Product Feature: 
1. The material is safety for everyone, people do not get hurt if the cat was broken. 
2. Earth-Friendly products. 

Customer design and logo are welcome. 

Place of Origin: China
BKD # 24331
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