Fleet management universal car alarm remote anti sleep driving alert MR688

Fleet management universal car alarm remote anti sleep driving alert MR688

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Driver Fatigue Monitor MR688 is a Driver and Vehicle Safety Product which can accurately predict and warn for driver's sleeping in driving, it is our world patent product under advanced and unique technology, CareDrive is the world pioneer in fatigue management industry. It can also connect with GPS and send fatigue information to fleet management for managers to make better management and save more cost for the enterprise. MR688 has been highly welcomed by the world market since it was launched in 2010, we started this product with Military, now many military and government vehicles are using MR688. It is a high technology product which can really protect driver's life and save manager's cost. 

MR688 has been applicated and sold in the following areas:

Trucking company
Mining Safety
Car Manufacturer
Car Insurance
Petrol Company
Gas Station
Auto 4S shop
Company's fleet
Auto production   line
Medical Treatment
Driver fatigue monitor MR688 have 2 versions, here I briefly introduce MR688 difference of 2 versions. 
MR688 standard version -can't connect with GPS system, suitable for individual driver.
MR688 professional version -can connect with GPS system, suitable for fleet. This version communication mode is I/O.
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