floor ceiling unit

floor ceiling unit

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Yair air conditioner
Yangzi industrial development zone, chuzhou, anhuui, 239000, China
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semy yu
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*capacity: 12k~60k BTU
*Airflow auto control     
*Quiet operating
For a comfortable environment,we use line flow fan to noise by reducing fan speed,while air input is strong.      
*Ultrathin body design.    
*Flexible installation
The indoor unit can be ceiling-mounted or placed on the floor,saving more space.The big room or hall needs high capacity air conditioner.The cabinet type unit not only takes up space.but also doesn't match with ther fumitures.
*Easy to overhang
The indoor unit is light in design,making the whole unit easy to overhang.It has small unit body.easy to install in the common ceiling.
contract person: semy
email: semy(at)yair(.)cn

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