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Floor Plate

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No-Skid Chequered Plate Co., Ltd.
Jixian County, Hengshui City, Hebei Province, China, HengShui, HeBei, 053000, China
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Floor plate, also called diamond plate, is premium choice for places where are regularly damaged by heavy traffic, wear and corrosion. It has extended its applications to many places for its outstanding performances. You could notice that non-slip stair treads, decorative wall, door kick plate, truck rail, wall corners often employ checkered plate.

Why metal floor plates are so popular?
Five selling points of diamond plate will resolve your question. First, aluminum, mild steel or stainless steel could support extremely heavy loads. Second, skid resistance decreases slip or related accidents. Third, it will not rot and rust in response to damp and corrosive environments. Fourth, long life span. Rigid surface ensure long life span when heavy load and wear simultaneously happen. Fifth, self-cleaning saves you a lot of time and cost.

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