Flos Sophorae Immaturus Extract

Flos Sophorae Immaturus Extract

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Name:Flos Sophorae Immaturus Extract
Source:a volatile oil of the entire rutaceae plant, the fruits of sophora japonica L., the entire plant of hypericaceae hyperici, the little leaf of rhamnaceae supplejackherba, the leaf of euphorbiaceae phoenix, the seeds and shoots of polygonaceae fagopyrum esculentum
Appearance:yellow and olivine powder, or fine needle-like crystal.Ordoless and tasteless, it turns darker in the air, and it becomes colloid when heated to 185~192Celsius degree
Specification:Rutin 95%
Function: It reduces the abnormal permeability and fragility of blood capillary. It's mainly effective for the adjunctive therapy for the prevention of hypertension. It's good for the prevention and treatment of cerebral hemorrhage, hypertension, retinal hemorrhage, peliosis,acute hemorrhagic nephritis, chronic tracheitis, as well as the reduction in blood fat and cholesterol

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