Fluorite ore beneficiation processing

Fluorite ore beneficiation processing

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beneficiation processing method is mainly according to ore type, the composition, grade discretion etc, choose reasonable in economy, feasible processing method . At present, fluorite mine beneficiation method is mainly hand selected, gravity (jigger) separation, the floatation separation (flotation separator).

Hand selected method is mainly adopted when the fluorite and gangue has limits clear, easy elimination of waste, a variety of different grain grade ores is easy to identify by naked eye which is one of the most simple, the most economic beneficiation method.

Fluorite ore gravity beneficiation

Gravity ( jigger ) processing is mainly used for sorting higher grade ore, particle diameter in 6 ~ 20mm of ore particles; gravity separator has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, high efficiency. In the ore particles of large amount and high grade mining, it has been widely used. And fluorite ore block achieved by hand election and gravity separation is mainly used in metallurgy ( called metallurgical grade ore block).

Fluorite ore flotation separator

Fluorite ore flotation's main grading equipment is flotation separator, auxiliary equipment comprises a crusher, ball mill, grading and other. Based mainly on flotability difference between fluorite and associated waste.The mineral processing both at home and abroad, is widely used in mining fluorite , also is high quality fluorite ( fluorine ) stone ore beneficiation method. Whether single fluorite mine or associated fluorite ore, no matter structure simple or complex fluorite mine, coarse crystallization or crystallization in fine grained dissemination of fluorite ore,can be both available to flotation method.
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