Free Standing 19" Rack

Free Standing 19" Rack

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TIMIK 19" Rack system is technologically innovated, high quality 19" Rack system.

TIMIK 19" Racks are made of standard modular parts. The assemble of standard modular parts as per customer requirement will make the 19" Rack to suit the customer application.

Innovative Modular design & application flexibility makes, TIMIK the choice of 19" Rack users for their 19" Rack solutions around the world.

Free Standing 19" Racks  are available from 31U to 44U heights in 600mm,  800mm & 1000mm depths and in 600mm & 800mm widths.

Free Standing 19" Racks  are made of modular parts and can be supplied as CKD (Completely Knocked Down) from or completely assembled form. This modular parts system makes it easier to design, assemble, transport, handle and can be changed before or after commissioning of the 19" Rack system.

Modular interchangeable top & bottom plates are available as, Blank plates, Fan plates, Louver plates, Cable entry plates, or as Quick cable entry plates.

Mounting rails made of Alu - Zinc , unpainted and adjustable front / back as required.

Doors can be hinged at left / right hand side. Front door is available as a glass door, steel door or a mesh door.

Side covers are openable for easy access.

Back door as steel door or mesh door.

Standard rack comes with adjustable feet which can be adjustable from inside.

Castors are optional.
BKD # 205571
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